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What is the effect of FIBA-ZORB PLUS on the growth of the plants?

Before adding an additive to the substrate, we have to be sure that the additive is safe to use and is not harmful to crops.


To research the effect on crops, the RHP tested different and more sensitive plants after adding a double dose of FIBA-ZORB PLUS.

For this test, the following plants were sown:

Garden cress

Turnip cabbage



Control (without FIBA-ZORB® PLUS)

The result from the RHP in Holland showed that the:

“Germination and growth of all tested crops in the substrate treated with the double dose of FIBA-ZORB PLUS were comparable with the control.”

“The use of the tested wetting agent FIBA-ZORB PLUS had no adverse effects on the germination and growth of the tested plants.”

All germination and further plant growth was uniform as seen in these photographs.

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